ELSTREE 1976 explores the lives of the actors and extras behind one of the most celebrated franchises in cinematic history, which spans from George Lucas’ original A NEW HOPE to J.J. Abrams’ recent record-breaking blockbuster THE FORCE AWAKENS.

From the man behind film’s most iconic villain, to the actor whose character was completely cut from the final film, the documentary delves into the eccentric community these individuals have formed and how the Star Wars franchise continues to impact their lives decades later.

“An affectionate tribute to the individuals who played minor, supporting and background parts in the original STAR WARS movie, ELSTREE 1976 entertainingly explores the world of the character actor and bit-part player… A slice of enjoyable nostalgia, capturing a sense of life as silly, surprising, regretful and all too fleeting.” – Screen Daily

“Entertaining… This is a genial, humane project with obvious fan appeal.” The Hollywood Reporter

“Without patronizing or condescending, it’s an examination of how fame can change us and haunt us… In that, it finds a way of proving valuable not just to fans, but to Force agnostics as well.” – IndieWire

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New York City, NY – IFC Center

Los Angeles, CA – Noho 7

Atlanta, GA – Plaza Theater

Vancouver, WA – Kiggins Theatre

Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center

Arlington, MA – Regent Theatre

Schaumburg, IL – AMC Streets of Woodfield 20

Highland Village, TX – AMC Highland Village 12

Southfield, MI – AMC Southfield 20

Houston, TX – AMC Studio 30

Phoenix, AZ – AMC Arizona Center 24
5/19 & 5/21 – Film Bar

Orlando, FL – AMC Universal Cineplex 20

Rochester, NY – The Little Theater

Philadelphia, PA – 5/6 ONLY – The Trocadero Theater

Winchester, VA – 5/9 ONLY – Alamo Winchester

Tacoma, WA – 5/10 ONLY – Grand Cinema

Pittsburgh, PA – 5/13 – Harris Theatre

Littleton, CO – 5/13 – Alamo Denver

Kansas City, MO – 5/16 – Alamo Main Street

Denver, CO – 5/25 – Sie Film Center

Santa Fe, NM – 5/27 – The Screen

Pelham, NY – 5/27 – Pelham Picture House

Buffalo, NY – 6/3 – Northpark Theater

Austin, TX – 6/4, 7/3, 7,4, 8/4, 8/18 ONLY – Blue Starlite Drive In