Over the last thirty years, MVD has proven themselves as leaders in independent distribution. Here’s what some of our trade partners are saying about us.

From artists and the press:

So professional and helpful… Wish all our worldwide PR and Marketing clients were like you
Mollie, Scream Magazine

I trust MVD.
Iggy Pop

Labels such as Arrow Video, Blue Underground and MVD Rewind Collection saw that there is still a market for physical media. They put together illustrious packages that one would never have envisioned just a few years ago. I love all aspects of film, and boutique labels know others like me appreciate the work they put in. It’s a win-win on both sides, and I can’t imagine giving up physical media anytime soon.
25 Years Later

As other label distributors … have exited the market, sometimes in ugly circumstances, not paying their vendors, MVD has been able to move in and make deals. So they’re now one of the top 10 distributors still standing in the country.
Ed Christman, Billboard

We held out everything for working with you here… Works too well to not do it.
Hardy Fox, The Residents

One of the best label arrangements an independent musician could dream to come across.
Curt Kirkwood, The Meat Puppets

MVD’s Rewind Collection pays homage to the heyday of video stores and VHS packaging.”
Media Play News

The music industry is scrambling these days to adapt to new technology, new business models and new music. While many companies have been created and thrive in this environment, MVD Entertainment, a distributor of music DVDs, CDs and collectible merchandise, has sustained profits after being in business for over 25 years.
Music Connection

Working with MVD was a creative dream come true. The team of people at this amazing company literally did everything they could to take what was initially supposed to be a simple live music DVD, and turn it into a 6 month production and editing odyssey. Working with MVD remains a high point of my creative career. They set the bar in terms of what is possible when you combine experience, talent, dedication, and extremely passionate people. Plus, they’re really good at partying.
Andrew W.K.

MVD makes great releases for artists who don’t get the attention of major corporate companies. They feed a huge market of fans who want to know about more than the top selling stars… And most important, MVD is fair and honest.
Bob Gruen

We are consistently and resoundingly trumped every month when the package from MVD arrives… Sure their name has all the panache of Acme Underpants, but what the company lacks in floss, they more than cover in taste.

I’ve been working with MVD for years, and they have been a pleasure to work with. My statements arrive on time and whenever I needed something done it was handled quickly and professionally… Great company!
Carmine Appice

The record biz is full of assholes who don’t care about music. The folks at MVD are different. They work with artists of every genre, style and era and run the most diverse label and distro anywhere. MVD is independent, old school and family run.
Blag Dahlia, The Dwarves

There are very few companies that go beyond just being a business, especially in this industry. MVD (and all who work there) are this type…
Paul Nelson, Grammy winning guitarist, producer, and songwriter


From labels, producers, management and customers:

In this day and age, and especially in the music industry, it is such a joy to be partners with such honest and goodhearted people as you.
Javier Sanz, Eversound

I am extremely pleased with MVD. My first release alone was profitable within 2 months of the release! MVD’s sales team and vendor managers are more than just label representatives, they’re like mentors. H13 Media’s partnership with MVD has been an amazing opportunity and I greatly appreciate everything MVD has done to build my business.
Tony Cadwell, H13 Media, LLC

MVD is the best…always looking after me.
Kit Parker, Kit Parker Films

The reliable alternative to Hollywood for the independent filmmaker.
Paul Rachman, Envision Films

You guys are by far my favorite PR Company to work with. You guys just make it easy.
AW Kautzer, themovieisle.com

It always befuddles me why some of these companies won’t play ball with anyone when it comes to PR… I appreciate all that you do and I really value the way we’re working together to reach as many people as possible.
Heath Holland, Cerealatmidnight.com

You guys have the most user friendly b2b out there.
Judy Smyth, Stony Plain Records

I got the first full month sales statement from MVD. MVD sold more $$$ in a month than most 3-month-periods at our previous distributor!
Sam Rosenthal, Projekt

Your employees that I have dealt with to date have been uniformly friendly and helpful. I am just not used to that. I am used to complaints, excuses, and being told how busy the person is. Your folks always seem to be happy to hear from me. Aside from the increased sales, it’s really nice to feel appreciated.
Gerald Chandler, Synapse Films

In all my time between the record and video business (since 1969), I have NEVER enjoyed working with a distributor or felt as secure as I have these past few years I’ve been working with MVD.
Arny Schorr, S’more Entertainment

We have worked with MVD for over ten years and have always found them hardworking, honest and reliable.
Adam Velasco, Cherry Red Records

I love working with the entire MVD team. Great people. They’re efficient, practical and, bottom line, very effective distributors.
Greg Frey, Ween

I’m very happy with MVD and our relationship. I think you guys have been a big part of Ripple’s growth over the last couple years. And this year is looking bigger and crazier than ever.
Todd Severin, Ripple Music

You (MVD) sell to more stores than I knew existed
Dave Heckman, Metropolis Records

We have worked with many distribution companies through the years and MVD’s level of reporting and paying is second to none.
Steven Cantor, Stick Figure Productions

For accounting, MVD is a dream to work with.
Drew Hill, Managing Director Proper Music Distribution Ltd.

We love MVD. You make a great team!
Detlev Hoegen, Bear Family Records

We have been in the video business since its birth in 1981 and have been distributed by perhaps a dozen different distributors, including several major studios. Some of them are defunct, others were mostly interested in their own tent-pole titles, others sold only to a handful of accounts, and some of them were very poor at communication and detail. MVD is staffed by dedicated survivors and actual salesmen who care about independent films. Family owned, without the executive turnover and corporate nonsense that we’ve seen so much of. We are very comfortable there, and they pay us like Swiss clockwork.
Arnie Holland, Lightyear Entertainment

MVD is the best distributor in terms of accounts receivable, hands down.
Vique Martin, Pirate’s Press Records

In almost 30 years of doing this, they’re the easiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with…
Gorman Bechard, Director / Producer

Best and most awesome distributor I’ve ever worked with… A far-out and awesome group of professionals. I’m happy to be part of the amazing MVD family
Charles Band, Full Moon Features

Always cool; always reliable. Over thirty years of dependability – it’s heartening to partner with such a leading company that still has the personal touch.
Alan Hauser, Jungle Records

We have been working with MVD since 2008. These are good people… Honest, communicative, accessible and supportive. From the top all the way down the line, they have often gone out of their way to work with us and for us. It’s a pleasure to be part of their family.
David Drozen, Uproar Entertainment

I really enjoy working with MVD. The company is human-size, the orders are realistic… You guys are great.
Aurelie Cotugno, Lilihouse Agency

Always been a super fair and a great company to do business with.
Ian Faith, Global Creative Group

I have been with 3 distributors and have never had this level of detail and transparency.
Richard “RJ” Bond, Director / Producer

MVD has more than gone beyond my wildest expectations of what a distributor can do.
Robin Esterhammer, Perseverance Records

MVD has helped us achieve an incredibly high level of success and exposure, by not only understanding the ever-changing film market, but the retail customer as well. Their hands-on, transparent approach and personal service is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can sometimes be elusive and difficult to navigate.
Rob Hauschild, Wild Eye Releasing

If you want to do more with DVD and for it to be successful, you need to start doing more with MVD. My rep lets me know what I should be buying, and even if I don’t know what it is, I take the chance because it is returnable.
Dilyn Radakovitz, Dimple Records, Co-Owner

I am so happy with this relationship. You folks are heads above anything I’ve ever dealt with.
Bruce Howze Jr.

I think MVD has the best staff I have ever worked with. You guys do a super job and looks like the release schedule is going to do great.
Dave Parsons

After over a decade in the music industry, we have come to greatly appreciate the professionalism that your company has consistently provided, from Andy’s on-point deadline reminders to Dave’s reliable PO skills. Clint and I mainly bonded over beer and sushi at SXSW, haha. MVD is a company and a brand that we know we can rely upon.
JT Habersaat, Altercation Records

MVD are clearly good guys.
Nicholas Jones, Quanta Films

There are many reasons why MVD is successful… Honesty, risk-taking, worldwide reach, first-rate staff, updating of standard distribution methods, and the list goes on and on.
Robert Mugge

Just a quick little note on MVD orders (packing)… MVD is the best. The product is always in order of packing list. No one else in the business can come close to this, indie or major.
Ed Swiencki, Forever Young Records

Trust me, the one company I know that wants people to make money for its vendors is MVD. That’s why I always trust there direction in where it matters for any project I have.
JC, Soul City Films

As far as order turnaround and accurate fill, MVD is one of the very best of all of our vendors.
Edward R. Hamilton Booksellers

I really enjoy working with MVD. Your reporting and paying is like “Swiss clockwork.” And I like the transparency and your team.
Etchie Stroh, Moonstone Films

Please thank your accounting team for the excellent processing and delivery of MVD Statements. I am grateful.
Ken Laumann, Twentieth Century Fox

After 50 years in the film business, it is certainly a pleasure to work with an aboveboard company that is transparent with their reporting and overall easy to deal with.
Kit Parker, Kit Parker Films