Since 1986, MVD has been committed to serving artists and audiences. We’re in this business because we love great music and film. We’re big enough to make big things happen, yet small enough to quickly adapt to the changing needs of our partners.

Physical Distribution

MVD handles physical distribution of DVD, Blu-ray, vinyl, CD and merchandise to thousands of accounts — major, independent and non-traditional retailers — across the country and beyond. Based in the greater Philadelphia area, MVD operates a 30,000 square foot warehouse, with employees receiving and shipping goods internationally.
MVD's Video Division
MVD's Audio Division

Digital Distribution

MVD provides digital distribution to hundreds of online and mobile destinations worldwide. Our long-standing relationships allow for seamless delivery to iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Spotify, just to name a few. Our digital team provides sales, marketing, and store-front visibility options while maintaining key relationships with digital providers.
MVD's Digital Division

International Distribution

MVD has an extensive distribution network outside of the U.S. market. It’s important that each release is made widely available, officially and properly. Fitting the right product with the right distributor is essential when exploiting rights Internationally — that’s why we have partnerships with several distributors in key territories. Having a range of distribution options allows us to choose the most suitable partner on a product by product / label by label basis. And our International services are available even if you already have U.S. distribution covered.
MVD's International Division


MVD’s marketing and publicity team coordinates high-exposure promotions to maximize sales for both physical and digital titles. Coordinated marketing efforts — including social/blog advertising, in-store promotions, listening stations, screenings, price and positioning programs, co-op advertising, exclusive offers, and more — maximize visibility and marketing budgets. And our fine-tuned publicity team ensures key content is reviewed and talked about by the people who matter most.


Our design team works closely with vendors to develop beautiful, strategy-driven packaging. Our design team can also develop marketing assets (print ads, web banners, promotional emails, web sites, and more), as well as audio/visual assets (trailers, streaming audio clips, music videos, and more) in conjunction with promotional efforts.

Reporting and Payment

As part of our commitment to serve, MVD provides reliable, accurate and transparent reporting and payment. Our B2B site allows our vendors to easily access sales and inventory information. Our dedicated vendor liaisons help labels manage their content, view royalty statements, and handle any other issues. We’re also easy to reach by phone and email.