As of July 1st, MVD Entertainment Group is servicing Canadian Retail directly with its line of CD, Blu-ray, DVD and Vinyl products. As one of the largest independent music and video distribution companies in North America, MVD controls distribution rights for nearly 25,000 titles across 1000+ labels, and is one of the only independent distributors to directly service US and Canada. MVD’s products were previously distributed by Conveyor / Universal Music in Canada.
“With our immense growth the past couple of years, we are now properly servicing the Canadian market directly, and doing so efficiently and effectively,” says Chris Callahan, Director of International Sales & Licensing. “We are cross docking and clearing our shipments at the border. Orders are shipped within Canada so customers won’t have to deal with customs, nor pay import duties / taxes. Most importantly, pricing on our entire range of products is greatly reduced and now align properly with current market and pricing trends in Canada.”
For more information, contact Chris Callahan at +1-610-650-8200 x103, or