August 27th @ 8 PM
Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum
(800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015)
$25 includes signed CD

James Lee Stanley, with Scott Breadman on percussion and Chad Watson on bass, will perform at the Clive Davis Theater at the World Famous Grammy Museum (800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015) on August 27th to celebrate the release of “Alive At Last – In Philadelphia” on September 9th.

Tickets are $25 is advance (purchased via paypal here) or $30 at the door. Ticket holders will receive a signed copy of the CD as well as access to the Grammy Museum exhibits before the show.

James Lee Stanley has long been known for his meticulous production, from his 20 solo albums to his celebrated All Wood and Stones releases with John Batdorf; All Wood and Doors with Cliff Eberhardt; the three duet albums with Peter Tork and the Two Man Band Two releases with Chicago genius Michael Smith.

The deal this time was to go complete against his norm by recording a CD in three hours with two remarkable musicians and no rehearsal. Just great players doing what they do, and a live audience to keep it real.

A studio audience was invited to attend the event and James Lee along with Cheryl Prashker on percussion and Chad Watson on bass, simply listened to and played off of each other, in the tradition of all the great live recordings of the past. No overdubs, no net. Just music on the fly.

James Lee chose songs from his vast catalog with only one thing in mind. What can we three play together that will be fun? That will groove? That will bring something different to these songs?

Chad Watson has long been an associate of James Lee’s and has played on numerous projects before, but Cheryl had never done a recording with James, they had only jammed together at folk alliance conferences. Yet the chemistry between the three is remarkable and clearly discernible on this recording.
v Plus there are also two songs never before on a recording (They Do It In His Name and the crowd favorite The More I Drink) as well as a few of James Lee’s fabled stories. But the thrust here is the music.

So sit back and enjoy the music of James Lee Stanley played by three remarkable musicians at the peak of their powers.

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