WTII Records, LLC was formed from the ashes of Wax Trax! Records back in 2001 and has grown into one of the worldwide leaders in the electronic, industrial, coldwave, and synthpop scenes.

The label’s artists have toured the globe, have had tracks appear in major motion pictures, video games and television shows, and have topped radio and club charts around the world. Home to such legends as Sister Machine Gun, Stromkern, Dessau, Slave Unit, Acumen Nation, Klutae, SMP, Regenerator, and Attrition, WTII’s roots are deep and well established. Roster newcomers like CHANT, AlterRed, Method Cell, Deviant UK, Mechanical Cabaret, Blume, Stars Crusaders, Rein[Forced], Comasoft, Autoclav1.1, ESA, Die Sektor, nTTx, State of the Union and Deathproof ensure that the label will continue to thrive for generations to come.

2016 marks the label’s 15th anniversary.